Colonic Wellness  - California Health Center
I have many package specials  to suit a variety of budgets and needs. My most popular service specials are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options. I Do offer monthly specials
please call for my specials. 1-760-908-7665
Colon Hydrotherapy:
$90 Per Session
Three Sessions $210.
Four Sessions $260.
Six Sessions for $360

Ionic Foot Spa Detox:
$40 Per Session
Three sessions for$140    $15.  Savings
Six Sessions for $210.         $30. Savings
How The Ion Detox Spa Works :
An ion is a charged atom that has gained or lost an atom, thus creating a magnetic field capable of neutralizing oppositely-charged particles (toxins in the human body). The ion Spa PRO'S control head delivers an electrical current through water in the ionizer array to generate negatively charged hydrogen ions. This hydrogen
ion with an extra electron is one of the most powerful antioxidants known and a great source of readily available energy. These ions travel through the body and attach themselves to toxic and oxidative substances, thereby neutralizing the substances charge. After being neutralized, these particles are pulled through the skin or processed through the bodies natural organs of detox and out of the body. These Ions are then able to enter the body through the 4,000 pores of the feet. then the circulatory and lymphatic systems transport the ions throughout the body. These ions neutralize oppositely charged toxins in the cells that are normally slow to exit the body. In this way, all of the body's organs can become energized and stimulated to function optimally. The body then rids itself of these toxins through its normal process of urination, defecation and sweating.

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